ANTS Memory Profiler 10

Cannot attach to process due to anti-virus software

When using ANTS Memory Profiler or ANTS Performance Profiler, you may find that you cannot attach to any .NET 4 process.

Cause / Possible causes

This can be caused by anti-virus software.

To create the list of .NET 4 processes you can attach to, the profiler checks all running processes to check whether they are managed processes. For managed processes, the profiler obtains the CLR version number.

Processes that are part of some anti-virus programs protect themselves by changing their entries in the Access Control List. If a running process is protected in this way, the profiler cannot check the CLR version of that process, or of any other running processes.

How to fix

To work around this problem, uninstall your anti-virus software while profiling.

If you continue to experience problems, please contact Redgate Support.

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