DLM Dashboard

DLM Dashboard 1.5 release notes

1.5.7 - October 7th, 2015


  • A bug where certain filtered database changes caused DLM Dashboard to become unusable.

  • A bug where DLM Dashboard became inconsistent after making changes to the SQL server setup.

1.5.6 - September 23rd, 2015


  • Improved live refresh to support more users.

1.5.5 - September 16th, 2015


  • Manual pipelines
    You can now create new pipelines for your databases, and move databases between pipelines manually.

1.5.4 - September 9th, 2015


  • Increased RavenDB timeout to fix occasional startup issues.

1.5.3 - September 2nd, 2015


  • We've updated our UI to the new Redgate style. Enjoy! (smile)


  • Fixed an issue where the storage service would sometimes not start correctly.

1.5.2 - August 20th, 2015 

A small bugfix release, to solve a problem with 1.5.1.


Fixed an issue with connecting to servers.

1.5.1 - August 19th, 2015


  • Filters
    Ignore changes to objects you're not interested in by adding filters to your pipeline. Filtered objects won't trigger updates or drift, and aren’t included in email notifications or reported on the Review page.
    This was the UserVoice request with the most votes, so we're very happy to get it to you. 


  • Fixed problem with support for database level extended properties.
  • Removing and re-adding a database no longer throws an exception.
  • DLM Dashboard now monitors databases linked to version control using SQL Source Control.
  • Improved minor issues affecting the dashboard UI and notification email.

1.5.0 - August 5th, 2015


  • Pipelines
    A new way to group your databases so you can visualize schema changes across environments.

  • Improved SQL CI integration
    On monitored databases, schemas from SQL CI are now labelled with an icon, package ID and version.


Corrected tab order on the review page.


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