These pages cover SQL Compare 10, which isn't the latest version. Help for other versions is also available.

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June 3rd, 2013 

New features

  • This release of SQL Compare contains significant performance improvements - up to 50% faster on script folder registration, 60% faster on the registration and 70% faster of the comparison of large databases.  
  • There is a new option to ignore WITH ENCRYPTION in textual objects (views, functions, stored procedures etc)


  • Improved UI stability (fixed several race conditions that occasionally produced null reference exceptions, index out of range conditions or invalid operation exceptions in the UI)
  • SC-5862: Save project menu item now reliably disabled when no project open
  • SC-6215: stored procedure dependency now working better from command line
  • SC-6165: identical objects no longer included without specifying /include:Identical when the /report switch is used
  • SC-6216: command line no longer generates .NET cryto warning in event viewer
  • SC-5347: database extended properties now have an icon and title on interactive HTML reports
  • SC-5766: dropping objects which are in full text indexes will now drop references to them more reliably from script folders
  • SC-6071: CLR types and partition scheme unbind now interacts correctly with default constraints
  • SC-6147: now ensures more tables retain clustered indexes during table rebuilds on Azure
  • SC-5693: function dependency which was ignored when drop and create option on now picked up correctly
  • SC-6250: dependency ordering issue between stored procs and view triggers fixed
  • SC-6171: guest user no longer capitalised in revoke connect statements on case sensitive servers
  • SC-5850: nullref when deploying some changes to script folders now fixed
  • SC-6020: fixed a problem with the drop-and-create-instead-of-alter option applied to script -> script deployments
  • SC-6275: drift detection will now do a case-sensitive comparison on case-sensitive servers
  • SC-4754: assembly dependencies based on assembly content now displayed with other object dependencies
  • SC-6165: /report switch no longer forces identical objects to be included even when /exclude:identical is specified
  • SC-5384: explains situation rather than throwing an exception when clipboard locked by another application
  • SC-5551: now no longer crashes on startup where PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE env variable doesn't exist
  • SC-5657: tables with columnstore indexes now compare correctly


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