These pages cover SQL Compare 10, which isn't the latest version. Help for other versions is also available.

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April 23rd, 2014 Download

New features

  • Supports connecting to SQL Server 2014 databases
  • Improvements to the options API for Comparison SDK. This includes breaking changes which will require you to update your code to support the new SDK version – see Breaking changes in SQL Comparison SDK 10.5 for further details. 


  • SC-6830: SQL Compare no longer raises an error when the THROW syntax does not have an argument 
  • SC-6032: Ignore system named contraints now correctly ignores default system named constraints 
  • SC-5850: SQL Compare no longer causes a Utils.EncloseInSquareBrackets.NullReferenceException error 
  • SC-6885: SQL Compare no longer throws a InvalidCastException when attempting to register a scripts folder containing filetables 
  • SC-6770: Fixed an issue where the Deployment wizard could skip the ‘Reviewing dependencies’ step 
  • SC-6664: SQL Compare no longer causes an error on the POISON_MESSAGE_HANDLING keyword in queues 
  • SC-6613: SQL Compare no longer causes an error on the ‘MERGE’ keyword when target is table object 
  • SC-6942: SQL Compare no longer demands .NET 3.5 on Windows 8 machines 
  • SC-2907: Fixed an issue where SQL Compare might not update a column's data type if the column is a foreign key 
  • SC-6860: The SQL Source Control history dialog no longer displays rogue string – this fix requires a future version of SQL Source Control (v3.5.7.450 and above) 
  • SC-6669: Fixed an issue which was blocking registration of a database when the user has limited rights 
  • SC-6147: Clustered index changes are now handled correctly when working with a SQL Azure database as a target. 
  • SC-2656: Users created from windows logins are now scripted properly 
  • SC-6564: Script no longer GRANTS permissions to the wrong columns after a column is dropped 
  • SC-6894: Syntax highlighting has been updated for ROWS, FIRST and ONLY keywords 
  • When selecting a source control system as the data source the revision number is no longer changed to ‘Head’ when a different source control repository is selected 
  • SC-6317, SC-6402 - Drop and Create instead of Alter option now works correctly with SOC data sources 
  • SC-6381 - NullReferenceException caused by rare dependency situations fixed 
  • SC-5365 - NullReferenceException caused by some queue differences fixed 
  • SC-6575, SC-6291 - Ignoring system-named constraints no longer causes us to drop system-named FKs on table rebuild 
  • SC-2907 - Foreign key migrations where only the target table is selected no longer fail when target data type has changed 
  • SC-6439 - temporary inline indexes during table rebuilds now no longer have a name collision with the final inline index 
  • SC-6493 - trigger dependency on new column of existing table now respected 
  • SC-5951 - LOCK_ESCALATION setting now compared and deployed 
  • SC-5615 - some causes of this exception involving duplication of triggers in script folders have been fixed 
  • SC-6781 - overflow on reading extremely large identity values from script folders fixed 
  • SC-6468, SC-6471, SC-6475, SC-6316, SC-5607, SC-6394, SC-6401, SC-5379, SC-5718, SC-5812, SC-5849, SC-5914, SC-5916, SC-6137, SC-6153, SC-5527 - progress dialog made more robust against a range of conditions 
  • SC-6301, SC-6764, SC-6234, SC-5342, SC-5974, SC-5770, SC-5977, SC-5966, SC-6230, SC-6093 - documentation inconsistencies and omissions fixed, particularly around worked examples and filter syntax 
  • SC-4640 - handling of route lifetimes improved 
  • SC-6566 - TFS connection issue when using migration scripts fixed 
  • SC-6562 - A situation where encrypted objects weren't decrypted is now fixed 
  • SC-6055 - datetimeoffset(0) now consistently displayed when read from script folders 
  • SOC-3873 - money type no longer overflows on very large numbers when reading from script folders 
  • SC-6056 - fixed occasional exception in picking which migration scripts to enable by default 
  • SC-6073 - script folder deployment issue when changing from inline to explicit check constraint fixed 
  • SC-6072 - fixed failure to load projects with custom script folder layout options 
  • SC-6085 - fixed a crash on getting latest changes with SOC with the sysname datatype in a table 
  • SC-5599 - rare Cryptographic Exception when loading some v8 or earlier projects fixed 
  • SC-6099 / SC-5184 - fixed a problem with user deployment with mapped schemas 
  • SC-6019 - fixed a crash in the deployment wizard when script generation fails 
  • SC-5215 - fixed a crash where case sensitivity got unset in the middle of a snapshot comparison 
  • SC-6066 - /include:Identical command line option now no longer incorrectly applies filter rules 
  • SC-6112 - warning to replace deprecated XML file from SOC now displays file name correctly 
  • SC-5677 - /assertidentical and /report command line options can now be used together 
  • Recently used repositories now show their migrations folder (if they have one, in a tooltip (to make it clear what the difference is between repositories with the same main path but different migration folders) 
  • Priority of object selections from filters vs individual selections when using project on the command line should now be identical to UI behaviour (previously some filters took priority incorrectly) 
  • Foreign key dependencies on reference primary keys now enforced for script folders 
  • Including static data in a SQL Compare deployment script no longer also includes the SQL Data Compare comment header 

Known issues

  • Other new features in SQL Server 2014 (including In-Memory Tables) are not currently supported.
  • SC-6986: A "Data Compression enum value not recognised" error can occur when viewing a table with a clustered columnstore index 

SQL Compare 10.5 and 10.6 were internal and beta builds that were not publicly released.

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