These pages cover SQL Prompt 7, which is not the latest version. Help for other versions is also available.

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The following release notes are available for SQL Prompt 5.3:

Version 5.3.8 - May 13th, 2013

Bug fixes

  • LinqBridge.dll is now installed with SQL Prompt on systems with .NET 4. (SP-4537, SP-4548, SP-4554, SP-4655)
  • Using Format SQL on code which includes ? as a parameter value no longer causes SQL Server Management Studio to crash.
  • Improved resilience and reporting in the face of unexpected errors.
  • Link to SQL Prompt Quick Reference Guide works for systems with .NET 4.5.

Version 5.3.6 - October 15th, 2012

Visual Studio 2012 support

  • SQL Prompt now installs into Visual Studio 2012.

Bug fixes

  • Restore the default SSMS and VS behavior whereby a middle-click on a tab closes it.  (SP-4236 and SP-4501)
  • Fixed bug whereby Find Invalid Objects fails completely on certain databases, incorrectly reporting a login error.  (SP-4454)
  • No longer throws error when formatting scripts containing SQL 2012 keywords.

Version 5.3.2 - May 9th, 2012

New features

  • New SQL Prompt Quick Reference Guide, with handy tips and keyboard shortcuts, now installed into the Start Menu.

Bug fixes

  • Fix error in Snippet Editor that removed newlines from the code in SQL Prompt 5.3.0. (SP-4358)
  • Fix crash when disabling Connection Coloring experimental feature.

Version 5.3.0 - March 22nd, 2012

New features

  • Partial match suggestions are now enabled for all users.
  • New SQL Prompt Labs feature to refresh suggestions automatically when SQL Prompt detects a change to a connected database.
  • Also refreshes SSMS’s own IntelliSense local cache (equivalent to Ctrl+Shift+R).
  • Basic support for most synonym types, so SQL Prompt notices when the base object is a table, stored procedure, view, function, etc. 
  • CREATE SYNONYM script is now shown in the object definition box for synonyms.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed problem caching when base object for synonym is inaccessible (e.g. due to offline database or inadequate permissions).
  • Fix crash related to scripts containing column list after table alias. (SP-4070)


  • Addition of MaxSupportedColumns parameter in the engine options, which will prevent SQL Prompt from trying to cache databases with a total number of columns exceeding this number.  Default is -1, which means it’s turned off.  Related to SP-1207.
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