These pages cover SQL Prompt 7, which is not the latest version. Help for other versions is also available.

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August 18th, 2015

Environment support

You can now use SQL Prompt in:

  • Management Studio 2016 CTP2
  • Visual Studio 2015

The following features are now available in Visual Studio 2012 or later:

  • Find invalid objects
  • Script as ALTER
  • Execute current statement
  • Rename variables/aliases
  • Encapsulate as new stored procedure
  • Split table

We've removed support for Visual Studio 2005 and 2008.

Snippet manager improvements

  • You can now create your own placeholders in snippets. For example, the following snippet uses a table_name placeholder to insert a table name in three places:

    To create a placeholder, in the Code box, surround the name of the placeholder with $, for example $myplaceholder$.
  • Placeholders are now suggested when you type $:
  • Added new $GUID$ and $SELECTEDTEXT$ placeholders

Actions list

When you select some text in a query window, SQL Prompt now shows an actions button in the margin:

Press Ctrl or click the button to open the actions list:

The actions list includes the following:

  • Add quotes and commas
  • Remove comments
  • Comment/uncomment
  • Unformat
  • Snippets containing the new $SELECTEDTEXT$ placeholder 

    This is useful if you want to enclose your selection in a block. For example, the following snippet code encloses your selection in a BEGIN...END block:

  • Other existing text actions (eg Format SQL)

Tab coloring improvements

  • You can now color a server group separately from the servers in the group:
  • The lower status bar is now also colored:

Find invalid objects improvements

  • You can now script invalid objects as DROP:
  • The line containing the error is now highlighted:

Suggestions improvements

  • Filegroups are now suggested and casing options are applied to them when you format
  • Support for new FOR JSON clause
  • Global variables are no longer suggested for assignment
  • Indexes are now suggested for table hints
  • MERGE statement suggestions improved
  • Full suggestions for cross-database queries are disabled if a schema exists with the same name as the database
  • Windows users and groups are now suggested for GRANT statements

Other improvements and fixes

  • Check for Updates now checks for beta releases after switching back to a stable build
  • You can now configure connection and execution time-outs in the options
  • When completing a table with dot, SQL Prompt will no longer insert an alias
  • New experimental feature added: Change keyboard shortcut behavior for CamelCase words
  • New database loading and error popup
  • Improved trial expiry popup
  • When auto generating an INSERT statement SQL Prompt will now use SYSDATETIME() and SYSDATETIMEOFFSET() for DATETIME2 and DATETIMEOFFSET
  • Timestamp columns are no longer included in auto-generated INSERT statements
  • MS_Description extended properties are now displayed when connected to Azure v12
  • Fix for semicolon being added in the wrong position for DROP EVENT SESSION statement
  • Verbose logging option added to menu
  • Log files are now stored under %localappdata%\Red Gate\Logs\SQL Prompt 7
  • Tab History button is now enabled immediately after a valid serial is entered
  • Memory-optimized table creation scripts are now displayed in the object definition box
  • Columnstore indexes are now displayed correctly in the object definition box
  • Aggregate expressions are no longer included when expanding all non-aggregated columns
  • Qualify object names no longer changes invalid UPDATE statements
  • Columns inside an OUTPUT INTO clause are no longer qualified
  • Support ticket 47174: qualify object names causing UPDATE statement's table to be qualified to table alias
  • Support ticket 44169: Database names are now always listed in alphabetical order
  • Fix for SP-4240: "Command name 'TabColor_Production' is not a registered command"


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