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Version - 4th September 2018 


  • SQT-601: Can now rename a test that was originally created without square brackets around the schema name

  • SQT-608: SQL Test now passes its command timeout value to SQL Cover

Version - 22nd May 2018 


Version - 30th April 2018 


  • Now respects the value of the "Trust server certificate" checkbox in SSMS

  • Various SSMS integration fixes

Version - 23rd March 2018 


  • Now displays a more informative error message if test coverage fails to start
  • Fix for an installer bug

Version - 9th March 2018 


  • SQT-589: Now displays test scripts correctly in SSMS 17.5

Version - 20th February 2018 


  • SP-6832 Fixes an assembly conflict with SQL Prompt

Version - 14th February 2018 


  • Added SQLCover code coverage
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