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When you install most Redgate products (apart from free ones), you have 14 days to evaluate them without purchase.

For a few products, you have 28 days: DLM Automation Suite, DLM Automation Suite for Oracle, ReadyRoll, SQL Prompt, SQL Source Control, Source Control for Oracle.

If you need more time to evaluate a product, email

Finding your serial number

When you buy a license for a product, we'll send you an invoice that contains your serial number to activate the product. Your invoice shows how many instances of a product the serial number can be used to activate. For information about how to activate, see Activating.

If you can't find your invoice, you can view your serial numbers at You'll need to log in to your Redgate account with the email address and password you provided when you bought the product.

If you need to reinstall products on the same computer (eg after installing a new operating system), you can reactivate them using the same serial number. This doesn't affect the number of distinct activations for the serial number. For information about moving a serial number to a different computer, see below.

Serial numbers for bundles and suites

If you've bought a bundle or suite of products, your serial number activates all the products in the bundle or suite. For bundles containing both server and client tools (such as the SQL DBA Bundle) you will have two serial numbers.

If you deactivate a bundle or suite serial number, all products using that serial number will be deactivated.

For information on which products are included in a bundle, see Bundle history.

Changing the serial number used to activate a product

To change the serial number used to activate a product, on the Help menu, select Enter Serial Number. For some products, you will need to deactivate the old serial number first.

Moving a serial number to a different computer

To move a serial number to a different computer, deactivate the serial number on the old computer, then use it to activate the product on the new computer.

To deactivate a serial number, on the Help menu, select Deactivate Serial Number. If the Deactivate Serial Number menu item isn't available, use the deactivation tool.

If you can't deactivate a serial number, use the Request Extra Activations page to request more activations for your serial number. You'll need to provide your serial number and the reason for the additional activations.

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