ANTS Memory Profiler 10

ANTS Memory Profiler 10.6 release notes

10.6.1 - December 17th, 2020


  • MP-2663: Version of the installed Microsoft Visual C++ 2015-2019 Redistributable is now correctly recognized, which should no longer cause issues with the installation of the profiler.

10.6.0 - November 18th, 2020


  • MP-2544: Fixed issue where stacktrace and "created by" values were empty for dynamically loaded assemblies, when profiled application's target platform was x64 or AnyCPU.
  • MP-2661: Fixed an issue where providing incorrect applicationhost.config in "Choose an application already hosted in IIS Express" view of the IIS Express ASP.NET Core tab, would cause the "Start profiling" button to become disabled in "application not shown in this list" view.

Other changes

  • MP-2607, APVS-106: ANTS Memory Profiler and ANTS Profiler Visual Studio Add-in now require .NET Framework 4.7.2 to run.

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