ANTS Memory Profiler 10

Snapshots are very slow


Snapshots can be very slow, because they collect a lot of information down to the level of each individual object.

Possible solution

In ANTS Memory Profiler 8.1, you can choose to collect slightly less information in a snapshot, to make snapshots faster.

The information left out of snapshots is the values of objects. You'd usually see these values by clicking  next to an object, on the instance list and instance retention graph.

How much snapshots will speed up depends on the structure of your application. Applications which keep lots of data in arrays and as value types are likely to see the biggest benefits. Applications which have most of their data in reference types won't see much improvement.

To collect less data, when setting up a profiling session, select Make snapshots faster by leaving object values.  

If you want to collect some types of object values but leave others out, click Customize.

The types of object values are:

  • Contents of arrays
    Leaving out array contents will give the greatest benefits.
    If you don't select this option, taking snapshots may still be quite slow.
  • Values of strings
  • Values of objects
    Values for any other objects apart from arrays and strings.

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