ANTS Memory Profiler 10

The COMplus application has not loaded the .NET Framework

In order for ANTS Memory Profiler to profile a COM+ application, the application must be started in the context of the logged-in user. The security architecture of COM+ does not allow a COM+ application to be started from a Remote Desktop or terminal services session, so the COM+ application will start and then exit almost immediately.

If it is absolutely necessary to use ANTS Memory Profiler against a COM+ application remotely, it is possible to run the remote session in console mode and allow ANTS Memory Profiler to work effectively. This does have the side-effect of logging off any users who are already logged on interactively, so be prepared to ensure no other users are logged on to the computer to prevent them from losing their work.

To start a remote desktop session in console mode, select Start, then Run, and type 'mstsc /console'.

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