ANTS Memory Profiler 8

ANTS Memory Profiler 7.1 release notes

August 4th, 2011

New features

  • Support for profiling with Silverlight 5 beta.
  • Although full support for Sharepoint 2010 is not built into this version, a workaround may allow you to profile managed code running on a Sharepoint 2010 server with IIS 7.
    For details, see Profiling Sharepoint 2010.


This version fixes a small number of bugs present in version 7.0. These include improvements to DEP (data execution prevention) handling, and clearer error messaging if a specified ASP.NET site cannot be found.

This release also fixes a bug in Red Gate's ANTS Performance Profiler, should you have this program installed. The fix, for a bug that silently disabled the "Check for updates on startup" setting, sets a registry key value; this value is set even if you do not have ANTS Performance Profiler installed. The key can safely be ignored.

This fix will not overwrite any "check for updates" preference that you have set manually, and the setting can also still be changed: on the Help menu in ANTS Memory Profiler or ANTS Performance Profiler, click Check for updates... and select or clear the "Check for updates on startup" checkbox.

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