ANTS Performance Profiler 8

ANTS Performance Profiler 8.6 release notes

July 1st, 2014


  • Timeline and source code panels can now be collapsed.
  • Source code view can be a full screen window.
  • SmartAssembly dialog now asks what was happening at the time of the crash.


  • SQL calls and web request timings are not shown as taking <0.001ms in CPU time - now shown as n/a instead
  • PP-1298, PP-3418 - DevExpress issues fixed in a new version of DevExpress
  • PP-2750 - Documentation now available about the complexity of Async profiling
  • PP-3400 - Improvements to some cases causing issues with UI queue dispatch
  • PP-3410 - Better handling when user attempts to profile an executable that's not valid for the OS
  • PP-3459 - Problem to do with multiple JIT start notifications fixed
  • PP-3517 - Source code window can now be full-screen
  • PP-3532 - Profiler's resilience when settings files can't be found is improved

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