ANTS Performance Profiler 9

ANTS Performance Profiler 9.2 release notes

July 17th, 2015


  • Support for ASP.NET 5 DNX web applications
  • Support for the pure-managed Oracle database driver (Oracle.ManagedDataAccess.Client)

  • Support for profiling async code in .NET 4.6
  • Added an average time column to the all-methods view (PP-597)

  • Query plan UI improvements


  • PP-3490 - Fix a profiler core crash
  • PP-2562 - Fix a problem profiling VB code with an empty finally block
  • PP-3760 - Saved results now keep the selected region
  • PP-3620 - Don't crash if connection strings contain newlines
  • PP-3758 - Improve reliability of links between HTTP calls view and call tree
  • PP-3735 - Filter corrupt or broken projects from history
  • PP-1550 - Trap more error codes when attempting process enumeration for attach to process
  • PP-3701 - Don't offer SQL profiling checkbox in modes where it's not supported
  • PP-3745 - Fix memory leak when transitioning from SQL query to query plan view
  • PP-3688 - Don't put the SQL credentials window above all other windows
  • PP-3278 - Fix occasional deadlock in sampling mode
  • The Visual Studio add-in now launches DNX projects and works in Visual Studio 2015

  • Fixed compilation failure for one of the demo applications

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