ANTS Performance Profiler 9

ANTS Performance Profiler 9.3 release notes

October 13th, 2015


  • Azure profiling
    Worker and web roles running in the local Azure emulator can now be profiled
  • Asynchronous database access methods in the .NET framework (ExecuteReaderAsync, ExecuteScalarAsync, ExecuteXmlReaderAsync, ExecuteNonQueryAsync) are now instrumented. SQL calls via these methods are now shown in ANTS Performance Profiler.
  • PP-2755: SQL calls and incoming HTTP calls can now be filtered by the process or thread in which they executed
  • Child processes can be selectively ignored via a blacklist


  • PP-3827: Fix to multi-process support in the timeline and session overview
  • APVS-59: Fixed crash in VS add-in when the start-up project could not be read
  • PP-3623: Accept SQL queries with unnamed parameters
  • PP-3625, PP-3677: Fixed crash when a SQL error occurred during the request for a query plan
  • ANTS Performance Profiler now handles scientific notation in execution plans
  • Fixed crash when attempting to save results from the command line in attach-to-process sessions (Forum post)

Known issues

DNX profiling only supports beta7 of ASP.NET vNext or higher. Due to a breaking change, earlier beta versions from Microsoft are no longer supported.

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