ANTS Performance Profiler 9

HTTP request timings in IIS

In the call tree, when profiling applications hosted in IIS or IIS Express, timings and hit counts shown for HTTP nodes may be greater in Methods with source view than in All methods view.

This happens because the first time a user of the profiled application generates a content request, IIS automatically initiates an extra HTTP request to the same URL. These IIS-initiated requests call only framework methods, do not return content, and do not involve calls to methods with source.

ANTS Performance Profiler captures timing data for these IIS-initiated calls, and displays it according to the following logic:

  • In All methods view, two nodes are shown for each requested URL: The first node displays timings for user-generated calls. The second (usually displayed lower on the call tree) displays timings for the IIS-initiated calls.
  • In Methods with source view, only one node is shown for each requested URL. It aggregates the timings for user-generated calls (which may call methods with source) and for IIS-initiated calls (which only ever call framework methods).

For more information on HTTP node timings, see The call tree.

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