Data Compare for Oracle 5

Working with projects

Whenever you compare data, you set up a project. If you have any existing projects, the Project Configuration dialog box for your most recently used project is displayed when you start Data Compare for Oracle.

A project contains details of:

  • which data sources you selected
  • the connection details for your data sources
  • which tables you selected
  • any WHERE clause you have used to filter the results
  • which project configuration options you selected

Finding a project

On the toolbar, click to display the Open Project browser:

The browser allows you to locate and open saved project files on your computer.

By default, Data Compare for Oracle project files are saved in:

%ALLUSERSPROFILE%\My Documents\Data Compare for Oracle\Projects

Project files are saved with the extension .dco

Creating and saving a project

To create a new project, on the toolbar, click New.

To save a project, on the toolbar, click Save. Alternatively, on the Project Configuration dialog box, click Save.

You can also save a project when you are reviewing its comparison results. This can be useful if you want to save your object selections with the project.

If there are unsaved changes in the current project, you will be prompted to save when you create a new project, open another project, or when you close Data Compare for Oracle.

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