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DLM Dashboard 1.2 release notes

1.2.6 - April 22nd, 2015

We've found that the concepts of projects and environments don't match how many of our users organize their databases. Because of that, in this release we've removed projects and environments - DLM Dashboard now groups databases by server instead. As an added bonus, this makes DLM Dashboard much quicker to set up.

Next release we'll add a new way to organize your databases, categories - so watch this space.


  • Group databases on the dashboard by server.
  • The old concepts of projects and environments have been removed, along with filtering by projects.


  • Reduced the RavenDB cache size, which should improve performance.
  • Improved the installer on non-English operating systems.
  • Fixed an issue which made change details not appear correctly on emails.

1.2.5 - April 1st, 2015

This week we've made it a bit easier to add databases. How limits work has also changed: there are now no limits on numbers of projects and environments. There's a limit of five databases in total for new users, and thirty databases for existing users.


  • Add databases by selecting the name from a drop-down. No more typing in all your database names!
  • A few more performance improvements.


  • Improved the installer on non-English operating systems.
  • Fixed an issue which made change details not appear correctly on emails.

1.2.4 - March 25th, 2015

This week we've shipped a few more performance improvements and a bug fix.


All SQL Server 2008 service packs are now supported.

1.2.3 - March 18th, 2015

This week we've been improving DLM Dashboard's performance, and tweaking the history feature a little bit more.


  • Better navigation through history, with 'next' and 'previous' links.
  • Performance improvements.
  • Diagnostic tool for the review page to help with support.


  • Object and user counts are now the same on the history and differences pages.
  • Added a message for another specific test email failure.
  • Email notifications have been fixed for non-English locales.
  • Fixed a typo on the history page.

1.2.2 - March 11th, 2015

Just a small bug fix this week.


Better cleanup when you remove a database from the dashboard.

1.2.1 - March 4th, 2015

This week, we've shipped a few small improvements to the new History feature, and a boatload of bug fixes.


  • The History page now shows the author and the program that approved a schema.
  • The History page now truncates long comments with a 'Show more' link.


  • The History page now uses the right font.
  • The first schema in the History page list is better explained.
  • The 'Databases are different' message on the dashboard is now only shown when it's true.
  • The email test button was broken in the last release, and now works again.
  • When testing the email configuration, more errors are explained fully.
  • On IE9 and below, a message saying the browser isn't supported is now shown.
  • The Check for Updates message is now shown even in the case you haven’t installed any other Redgate products.
  • Fixes to the Review differences page:
    • The page now live refreshes properly.
    • An unusual error case no longer stops the page loading, and the error is shown instead.
    • SQL Services are now shown correctly.

1.2.0 - February 25th, 2015

In this release, SQL Lighthouse has been renamed to DLM Dashboard.


  • You can now see history for a database, showing the previous schemas on that database. This is our most voted-for UserVoice request, so we're really pleased to get this out to you!
  • You can also get more information about an old schema: click through on the history page to see the differences between any schema and the previous schema.


  • The port number in the email configuration is now checked to make sure it's valid.
  • Missing email details no longer show an error message when you choose Never to get emails.
  • The order of projects on the configuration page now stays the same.
  • When tabbing through forms, buttons are now highlighted.
  • Migration from SQL Lighthouse v1.1.13 now works for users with more than 28 databases.


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