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DLM Dashboard 1.4 release notes

1.4.8 - July 22nd, 2015


  • Rename schemas from the History page by clicking on the existing name.
  • It’s now clearer which changes DLM Dashboard ignores when monitoring schemas.


  • Corrected alignment on the dashboard and configuration pages.
  • Fixed an issue where some schema names sent by SQL CI weren't registered in DLM Dashboard.
    When you update to this release, DLM Dashboard will migrate existing stored schemas, which will take monitoring offline for a few minutes.
  • Schema changes that DLM Dashboard ignores in comparisons now don't appear on the review page.

1.4.7 - July 15th, 2015


  • Streamlined setup. 
    You can now add databases with one click using credentials from the connected server.

  • If you can't connect to DLM Dashboard, an offline page is displayed with troubleshooting information.
  • Better styling for the category selector.


Case sensitive databases no longer cause DLM Dashboard to freeze when checking schema.

If you had already added a case sensitive database, you'll need to remove it from DLM Dashboard and add it again for the fix to work.

1.4.6 - June 30th, 2015


This release contains more fixes to do with upgrading to 1.4.4. 

1.4.5 - June 24th, 2015


Some users experienced problems with the upgrade to version 1.4.4. This release fixes those issues.

1.4.4 - June 17th, 2015

Plenty of new features and bug fixes this week: 


  • DLM Dashboard suggests categories for your databases, and you can pick the category with one click.
  • Integration with SQL CI, as of version
    SQL CI can now send information about the packages it builds to DLM Dashboard, so they can be displayed on the dashboard pages as recognized schema. 
  • Improved hashing algorithm to better identify differences between schemas. 
    When you update to this release, DLM Dashboard will migrate existing stored schemas, which will take monitoring offline for a few minutes.


  • Removing a server containing a lot of databases no longer causes an error.

  • Setting the window for batch email notification in UserSettings.config no longer causes an error.
  • You can now change the database DLM Dashboard uses to store its data. 
    You only need this if you already have a database on your server called RedGate. For detailed instructions, contact support.

  • SQLLH-233 - an issue with the Raven index - has been fixed.
  • You can now add a database with a blank password.
  • If you installed the DDL trigger using a Windows account, the trigger no longer causes an error when DLM Dashboard is removed from that account's Windows domain.

  • SQL Server now returns correct row counts.

1.4.3 - June 9th, 2015


If you set up email notifications, you'll get an extra five databases added to your monitoring limit.

1.4.2 - June 3rd, 2015


  • It's now clearer when changes to your privacy settings have been saved.
  • Notifications are quicker to set up, as DLM Dashboard guesses your email address based on your Windows account and computer's domain.

1.4.1 - May 27th, 2015


You're now notified in the menu bar if you haven't set up notifications.


  • The start menu no longer lists DLM Dashboard as 'previously SQL Lighthouse'.
  • A bug where DLM Dashboard couldn't find its service settings has been fixed.

1.4.0 - May 20th, 2015

We're pleased to announce that in this release, DLM Dashboard has come out of beta, and is now a fully-fledged (but still free!) product. 


Feature usage reporting can be turned off. For instructions, see Turning off feature usage reporting.


  • When you're adding a remote SQL Server with Windows authentication, there's now help text to explain which user will be used.
  • The footer now stays at the bottom of the page in IE11.
  • The links in the footer are now still visible on small pages in IE11.
  • The error message when you're adding a duplicate server has been improved.


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