DLM Dashboard

DLM Dashboard 1.7 release notes

1.7.5 - July 15th, 2016


  • Adds support for SQL Server 2016
    SQL Server 2016 Databases can now be monitored by DLM Dashboard.


  • SQLLH-805: Migration scripts can cause an error when integrating with DLM Automation.

1.7.4 - May 18th, 2016


  • Hide and rename categories
    You can now rename database categories and hide unused categories from the pipeline view. Learn more

1.7.3 - April 27th, 2016

This release contains internal changes only.

1.7.2 - April 13th, 2016


  • SQLLH-766: Issue fixed causing DLM Dashboard to occasionally fail to start after an upgrade.
  • SQLLH-337: When adding or editing a database connection, any error messages are now cleared when connection details are re-edited.

1.7.1 - April 1st, 2016


  • SQLLH-757: When you add a new server to DLM Dashboard, DLM Dashboard no longer reports: "The WriteEvent stored procedure isn't installed on this server".
  • SQLLH-311: Renaming a column no longer causes DLM Dashboard to list an additional table change that can't be displayed.

1.7.0 - March 30th, 2016


  • Stored procedures moved out of master
    We've moved the default location for stored procedure server objects from master to the Redgate database. This is so users who have restricted permissions to the master database can access them.
    This will only affect servers that you add to DLM Dashboard after updating. To move the stored procedures for existing servers, see Moving stored procedures from master.

Known issue

  • SQLLH-757:
    After adding a new server to DLM Dashboard, you will see the following message:
    "The server isn't set up properly: The WriteEvent stored procedure isn't installed on this server. Try running the setup script again."
    This is a bug, which you can ignore. The server is set up correctly. We are working to resolve this issue.


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