These pages cover SQL Clone Beta 0.6 to 0.9, which is not the latest version. Help for other versions is also available.

Current known limitations of SQL Clone

We're waiting for user feedback on how important these things are.

  • The maximum size of an image (and therefore the maximum database size for cloning) is currently 2TB
  • Databases with filestream and memory-optimized tables/filegroups cannot be imaged
  • Clones cannot be created on failover clusters or availability groups
  • CLR assemblies are not ported to other machines by SQL Clone. These may have to be registered in a post-clone step if they are required.
  • SQL Clone does not currently support differential backups.
  • Creating an image from a multi-database backup only creates an image for the first database in the backup.
  • SQL Clone does not currently support running under a group managed service account.

Things to be aware of during the beta

  • Progress indications for creating images from backups are very inaccurate, just because the progress bar stops (e.g. at 4%), it doesn't mean the operation won't succeed.
  • It is likely there will be breaking changes during the beta program, requiring a full uninstall/reinstall of server and agents.
  • If you delete or switch your configuration database, you must also cleanout of the %localappdata%\Red Gate\SQL Clone\clones directory manually.
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