These pages cover SQL Clone 1, which is not the latest version. Help for other versions is also available.

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In order to help prioritize our development, please let us know if anything on this page is a barrier to using SQL Clone.

Current known limitations of SQL Clone

  • The source of an image cannot:
    • Have a total combined file size (mdf+ldf) of over 2TB.
    • Contain filestream or memory-optimized tables/filegroups.
    • Be a SQL Server database snapshot.
    • Be a live database currently part of a failover cluster.
      • Images can be created using backups of such a database.
      • Images can be created from availability groups.
  • Clones cannot be created into failover clusters or availability groups.

  • CLR assemblies are not ported to other machines by SQL Clone. These may have to be registered in a post-clone step if they are required.

Known issues

  • Progress indications for creating images from Redgate SQL Backup files are very inaccurate.
  • When creating an image from a multi-database backup, only the first database within the backup will be imaged.

Untested scenarios

  • Running under a group managed service account.

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