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DLM Dashboard server objects

When you set up a server for monitoring, you run a setup script to add the following objects to your server:

ObjectTypeWhat it does


DDL trigger

Detects all schema changes.

For more information on DDL triggers, see Understanding DDL Triggers.

RedGateDatabaseStores details of schema changes detected by the DDL trigger.




Stored procedures

Writes details of schema changes to the RedGate database.

Extracts details of schema changes from the RedGate database.

Logs any errors encountered when executing the DDL trigger.

Note that the RedGate database may exist already if you have other Redgate products installed.

Location of stored procedures

The default location for the stored procedures was changed in DLM Dashboard 1.7.0 from the master database to the Redgate database. For more information, see Moving stored procedures from master.

How DLM Dashboard works

When the schema of a monitored database changes:

  1. The DDL trigger detects the change. 
  2. RG_SQLLighthouse_WriteEvents adds details of the changes to the RedGate database, which is regularly polled by the DLM Dashboard Monitoring Service. 
  3. The monitoring service detects these changes and compares schema snapshots within the DLM Dashboard Storage Service, and records the differences. 
  4. Differences are shown on the Review page in DLM Dashboard.

Running the setup script 

The setup script below applies to DLM Dashboard 1.7.0 and later.

If you're using an earlier version of DLM Dashboard, or if you're changing the configuration of a server set up for monitoring in an earlier version, use the link available in DLM Dashboard when you add or edit the server. This will give you the appropriate setup script, login script and permissions information for your server configuration. See Add servers and database

To create the DLM Dashboard server objects, run this SQL script (download here) on each server you want to monitor:

Installation script  Expand source

Removing the DLM Dashboard objects from SQL Server

To uninstall the DLM Dashboard objects from your SQL Server, run this uninstall script. The uninstall script does not delete the RedGate database - you'll need to delete it manually.

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