These pages cover SQL Backup Pro 8.0. Help for older versions is also available.

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January 17th, 2006

New features

  • Pro and standard editions split.
  • Remote back up and restore (Pro only).
  • 256-bit encryption (Pro only; standard version still has 128-bit encryption).
  • Support to SQL Server 2005.
  • Improved compression algorithm.
  • Back up file/filegroup.
  • Schedule Backup Wizard (can select multiple databases to script in one go).
  • New UI.
  • Log Shipping Wizard.
  • Backup and restore history data will be saved in the msdb table instead (as per native SQL Server) as opposed to in a file on disk. This makes it possible to get backup/restore history data from remote servers. The new Activity history grid will display the last few backups and restores, with SQB backups/restores highlighted and includes statistics of the compression achieved and the speed.
  • You can determine the age of old backups, and choose when they should be deleted (before or after running the next backup) in hours as well as days.
  • You can set to delete SQL Backup log files (stored on disk), older than a certain age.
  • Extended stored procedure can now return last SQB error code and last SQL error code.
  • Unicode outputs ok in extended stored procedure. This means if you run remotely to a Chinese SQL Server, for example, all outputs in Chinese will be displayed correctly on an English OS if the necessary fonts are installed.
  • Can be set to send an email only when there's an error.
  • Can script to back up multiple databases using, for example, BACKUP DATABASES [*] or BACKUP DATABASES [a, b, c] (similarly for log backups, BACKUP LOGS [*]).
  • New keyword EXCLUDE (so you can say, for example, back up all databases except these ones).
  • New keyword THREADS to automatically back up to a given number of files, so that the user does not need to name every file in a split backup e.g. BACKUP DATABASE pubs TO DISK = [<AUTO>] WITH THREADS = 2.
  • New Job Failures tab, to see scheduled jobs which have caused an error.
  • Facility to highlight databases which have not been backed up within a specified amount of time – backup alerts.
  • Removed Tools dialog (MD5# and verify files).
  • Scripts are displayed with syntax highlighters.
  • A reset button to go back to the original file name format.
  • Improved support for usage of tags in backup file names.
  • Improved extended stored procedure feedback.
  • Added management dialog for extended stored procedure rights.
  • Added display of server properties.
  • Added support for Unicode text.
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