These pages cover SQL Backup Pro 8.0. Help for older versions is also available.

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July 9th, 2009

New features

  • Network resilience for backups to protect against temporary network outages (Pro edition).
  • Network resilience for log shipping to protect against more prolonged network outages (Pro edition).
  • New compression level 4 (Pro edition).
  • Kill existing connections as part of the restore process (Pro edition).
  • Log shipping now includes an option to skip the initialization of the destination database (Pro edition).
  • Check for orphaned usersas part of the restore process (Pro edition).
  • Enhanced time line responsiveness.
  • Ability to step back through the wizards to re-run an operation if a problem occurs.
  • Manage existing backup files with new purge options.
  • Ability to view SQL Backup log files from the user interface.
  • Ability to deactivate licenses from the user interface.
  • Improved file browser.


  • Various bug fixes.
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