These pages cover SQL Backup Pro 8.0. Help for older versions is also available.

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June 21st, 2012


  • The Jobs tab contains an additional Database column to show which databases are included in each job. For multiple databases in a job, click the information icon.
  • The height of rows in the Activity History has been reduced.
  • In differential or transaction log backup jobs for multiple databases, you can specify WITH FULLIFREQUIRED to take a full backup of any databases which require one before a differential or transaction log backup can be taken. This option is not available from the backup wizards. See The BACKUP Command for more information.


  • SB-4579 and SB-4714 - Enhancement requests relating to WITH FULLIFREQUIRED. See above.
  • SB-4717 - Consistent warnings and errors are returned in all cases where a backup file name is generated from the or tags and the database name includes an invalid character.
  • SB-4968 and SB-5183 - The character limit for extended stored procedure commands has been increased to 1048378 characters.
  • SB-5122 - When creation of a scheduled backup job fails, the Jobs tab is opened.
  • SB-5169 - File and folder browsers include SQL authentication warning message.
  • SB-5173 and SB-5184 - Error 821 is returned when DBCC CHECKDB fails after restoring log backups.
  • SB-5191 - RESTORE SQBHEADERONLY can be performed while the backup file is in use.
  • SB-5193 - When creating differential backups of all or system databases, SQL Backup Pro no longer reports that a differential backup of the master database has been created.
  • SB-5214 - Error 515 is returned if the tag does not include either <DATABASE> or <DATETIME> tags when backing up multiple databases.
  • SB-5224 - Error 480 displays the invalid path entered by the user when the tag is used.
  • SB-5225 - Using the .NET 4 client profile no longer causes a crash.
  • SB-5248 - Email notifications now support encrypted SMTP passwords.
  • SB-5181 - When creating a scheduled backup job using the 'Exclude these' option to select databases, reminders are created for the databases currently included in the job.
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