These pages cover SQL Backup Pro 8.0. Help for older versions is also available.

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SQL Backup Pro 7.3.1 - April 18th, 2013


  • SB-5477 - Activity History is slow or fails to load after upgrading the graphical user interface to

SQL Backup Pro 7.3 - March 19th, 2013

New features

  • Upload a copy of backups to a SQL Backup Pro Hosted Storage account with the backup wizards or using the COPYTO_HOSTED keyword. For more information, see Backing up to hosted storage.
  • Track the progress of uploading backups to hosted storage from the In Progress tab and cancel the upload if required.
  • View results of copying backups to hosted storage or a network location from the Activity History and Backup Properties.
  • Manage off-site backups from the SQL Backup Pro Hosted Storage website. See


  • SB-5335 - To restore transaction log backups from a folder without removing previously processed backups from that folder, include the MOVETO option in the RESTORE command and specify the same location. This is useful if you are log shipping to multiple standby servers and want to restore backups to each standby server from the same location (rather than copying backups to a different location for each server, then moving the backups to another folder after they have been processed).
  • SB-5381 - When editing a scheduled backup job, the job name is only overwritten if the job was created with the default job name. If a non-default name was specified when the job was created, this is not overwritten on editing. 
  • SB-5428 - The SQL Backup Pro command line interface (SQLBackupC.exe) now works on 64-bit clustered SQL Server instances. For more information about using the command line, see Scripting SQL Backup Pro.
  • SB-5434 - If copying to a network share fails, the reason for the failure is given in the text of warning 141.
  • SB-5436 - It is now possible to install the server components on a remote machine using the command line if the SQL Backup Agent service account password includes non-ASCII characters. For more information on installing from the command line, see Installing the server components from the command line.
  • SQL Backup Pro should no longer attempt to restore transaction log backups that are currently being written. 
  • Additional debugging information is written to the log file, SQBCoreService_log.txt, when the -sqbdebug option is used. 
  • Occasional problems with behavior of the VERIFY option have been resolved.

Known issues

  • Backup file names or database names containing unicode or extended ASCII characters are not currently supported for uploading to hosted storage.
  • Copying backups to hosted storage does not work as expected when using a SQL Server cluster.
  • Uploading backups to hosted storage fails with an unknown error if the email address used for the SQL Backup Pro Hosted Storage account begins or ends with spaces.
  • Backup files are uploaded to hosted storage twice if VERIFY and COPYTO = '<network location>' are both included in the BACKUP command.
  • The outcome of copying a backup to a network share is not reported in the Activity History or Backup Properties if VERIFY is included in the BACKUP command.

Other changes

  • A .chm help file is no longer included with SQL Backup Pro. 
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