These pages cover SQL Monitor 3, which isn't the latest version. Documentation for other versions is also available.

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March 25th, 2013

New features

Version 3.3 includes the following new features and enhancements:

  • Ability to display multiple metrics in the same Analysis graph to identify correlations and unusual patterns of behavior more easily.
  • Improved subject lines and message bodies of alert emails to help you quickly understand problems before logging in to SQL Monitor.
  • Updated default purge settings that keep your monitored data for longer.
  • A further 18 custom metrics added to the SQL Monitor Metrics website since SQL Monitor v3.2 was released.


  • SRP-2570 Email settings page shouldn't validate email addresses if Send emails is unchecked.
  • SRP-7617 Top 10 queries show selected 'Avg' but shows data for 'Total'.
  • SRP-8698 ERRORLOG directory connection fails when IP address is used.
  • SRP-1188 Mean/max/min is not meaningful for the disk used metric with multiple drives.
  • SRP-3899 More information is needed in alert emails for Blocked Process and Long running query.
  • SRP-8629 When active custom metric alerts are purged, they're deleted but can't be raised again.
  • SRP-8811 Ability to open an alert in new tab should be more discoverable.
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