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Version - August 09th, 2017

Bug fixes

  • SP-6082 : Fix High DPI issues when editing formatting styles.
  • SP-6088 : Snippet editor now detects the new TRY_CAST syntax as a command.
  • SP-6452 : Multiple constraints in the same CREATE or ALTER TABLE statements now break correctly.
  • Fix: Fixed Prompt keyboard bindings assignment on first run of SSMS 2012 and SSMS 2014.

Version - July 26th, 2017

Bug fixes

  • SP-6449 : Fix alternate alias change to AS alias when used function without space between FROM keyword.
  • Fix out of memory exception caused by repeatedly checking licensing information on system time change.

Version - July 19th, 2017

Bug fixes

  • SP-6438 : Fix documentation links being incorrectly available for in-built CLR functions.
  • SP-6440 : Fix 'Find unused variables' not detecting assignment in UPDATE statements.
  • SP-6441 : Fix stackoverflowcrash for parse issue with a CREATE PROCEDURE script using an unknown function.
  • SP-6444 : Improved word boundary matching used in suggestions and action lists.
  • SP-6446 : Fix default values for T-SQL date and time data types in auto completion.
  • SP-6447 : Fix formatting alter database statements with CURRENT keyword.
  • SP-6456 : Hotfix for schema tooltips not showing.

Version - July 05th, 2017

Bug fixes

  • SP-6358 : Fix FETCH .. INTO statements not right aligning to FETCH token.
  • SP-6382 : Add new option to not place the JOIN keywords on a new line.
  • SP-6397 : The 'Align Aliases' option now applies to table aliases in JOIN statements.
  • SP-6414 : Align subsequent sub-clauses in an OVER clause to the PARTITION token.
  • SP-6423 : Fix subqueries in JOIN statements aligning to incorrect token.

  • SP-6428 : Fix failure when formatting ALTER TABLE .. REBUILD.

  • SP-6430 : Fix inline EXEC in SSMS2016.

  • SP-6432 : Fix insert semicolon in AlterDatabaseStatement with QUERY_STORE ALL parameter.

  • SP-6433 : Prevents a potential crash during SSMS shutdown (tab coloring deactivation).

  • SP-6436 : Fix 'Collapse short DDL statements' not applying to CREATE and ALTER INDEX statements.

  • SP-6437 : Fix bug removing space between CASE and WHEN keywords in specific case.

Version - June 21st, 2017

Bug fixes

  • SP-6424 : Fix failure on first autocomplete.
  • SP-6379 : Fix error with BETWEEN in an IIF call.
  • SP-6370 : Fix rename alias not working with function call in create procedure statement.
  • SP-6377 : Fix spaces around BETWEEN.
  • SP-6425 : Fix random failure at start of installation process.


Version - June 14th, 2017

Bug fixes

  • SP-6366 : Fix for error with backwards compatible CREATE INDEX options.
  • SP-6368 : Fix IN statement opening parenthesis option not working with subqueries.
  • SP-6371 : Several performance improvements to style filename I/O operations.
  • SP-6372 : Add support for inbuilt aggregate function GROUPING_ID().

Version - June 7th, 2017

Bug fixes

  • SP-6321 : Fix for 'Invalid name character in Workstation ID' issue.
  • SP-6345 : Fixed DB population of a SQL2005+ linked server when running in a SQL 2000 environment.
  • SP-6348 : Indent body of create view.
  • SP-6352 : 'Collapse short DML statements' option not working with some WHERE breaking combinations.
  • SP-6356 : Column list indent and 'Align items across clauses' not working always.
  • SP-6362 : Format 'CREATE VIEW' columns correctly.
  • SP-6365 : Nested clause indent support (Insert/select statement).
  • Fix : Prevent crash when user attempts to rename to same style name.
  • Fix : Prevent file overwrites when using invalid path characters in style names during style renames.

Version - May 24th, 2017


  • Added basic support for connecting to SQL Server 2017.
  • Allow renaming styles in edit mode.

Bug fixes

  • SP-6213 : Format exec parameters as insert source.
  • SP-6250 : Fix Active Directory Universal authentication.
  • SP-6253 : Type column overlayed.
  • SP-6268 : New option to insert table on new line.
  • SP-6330 : INLINE EXEC chops off END when sproc body is wrapped in BEGIN/END.
  • SP 6334 : SQL Prompt 8 have issues formatting options HAVING BETWEEN.
  • SP-6335 : Fix right align where exists.
  • SP-6338 : Fix where condition in parenthesis not breaking.
  • SP-6340 : Formatting/multiple collapse interaction.
  • SP-6342 : Comments swapping on same line.

Version - May 11th, 2017


  • Improved Formatting options (UserVoice)
    The formatting styles are now much more customizable. We've added many new options based on your feedback. Some of the new features include:
    • Add options for CASE WHEN ELSE END (UserVoice)
    • Disable SQL Prompt on certain blocks of code (UserVoice)
    • Quick switching between styles (UserVoice)
    • Indent comments consistent with code (UserVoice)
    • Support a common intending option for SELECT (UserVoice)
    • Expose all formatting options in the UI (UserVoice)
    • Format common table expressions (CTEs) (UserVoice)
    • Simple, but toggle indenting of else if statements (UserVoice)
    • Column aliases alignment (UserVoice)
    • Moving commas from "end" to "start" is always buggy when comments exist (UserVoice)
    • Remove extra space between statements option is needed (UserVoice)
    • Line up type declarations (UserVoice)
    • Place semicolon on new line (UserVoice)
    • Option to place Table names on the same line as the keyword (UserVoice)
    • Do not indent FROM and WHERE clauses (UserVoice)
    • Merge command formatting options (UserVoice)
    Learn more about formatting your code with SQL Prompt 8
  • Support for SSMS 2017 and Visual Studio 2017.

Please note that this release no longer supports SSMS 2008 R2 or earlier versions.

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