Data Masker

The Masking Rule Structure Report Form

The Masking Set Rule Report Form

The masking set rule report form can be used to create a printable version of the current masking set. Various options can be set to alter the output.

Summary report only

Show only basic information about the current masking set and its rules. Displays masking set options and the following information on the rules it contains: 

    • Rule number
    • Enabled status
    • Rule type
    • Rule target

Full report

Shows all the information in the summary report as well as additional information for each rule. The information for each rule is specific to the type of rule being displayed. Output for some rules can be further customized.

Command rule options

Include first line of Command Rule code

Show only the first line of any command rule's SQL.

Include full Command Rule code

Show the complete command rule's SQL, regardless of its number of lines.

Do not include Command Rule code

Show no SQL from a command rule.

Include rule Description text

Show user-specified description text for each rule.

Include a line for every foreign key in an FK Manager

Show each foreign key affected by an FK Manager.

Include a line for every trigger in a Trigger Manager

Show each trigger affected by a Trigger Manager.

Include the Masking Set Notes text

Include user-specified notes for the masking set.

Rule display options

Show dependency relationships

Show rules in a tree-like structure similar to the main page.

Sort the rules by rule ID

Show rules as a flat list with no visualization of their dependencies.

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