Data Masker

Foreign Key Disable/Enable Rules

Foreign key disable/enable rules can disable or enable a set of foreign keys defined on the database schema.

Sometimes during data masking or synchronization operations, the tables involved may temporarily not satisfy foreign key conditions but the conditions will be restored after the masking is finished. The foreign keys may also require extra check hence slow down the masking process. Such foreign keys can be disabled prior to execution of the masking rules and re-enabled again at the end.

Advanced concepts

Enable without check

This option configures the Foreign Enable rules so that no extra checking is performed. In Data Masker for SQL Server, this option is at Enable with No Check option checkbox, which correponds to the NOCHECK syntax in SQL Server database. In Data Masker for Oracle, this option is at Enable with NoValidate option checkbox, which correponds to the NOVALIDATE syntax in Oracle database. 

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