Data Masker

Split Partition Manager Rules

This documentation is only suitable for Data Masker for Oracle.

Similar to Range Splitter Rules, Split Partition Manager splits masking operations into parallel streams - each of which can mask a subset of the data in the table. However, unlike Range Splitter Rules, Partition Manager Rules divide table into groups based on partitions on a partitioned table, instead of using where clauses.

Core concepts

Partition Finder

Upon the Split Partition Rule is created, a Partition Finder Rule will be created as the first rule that runs which detects the partitions in the table or reports error when the table is not partitioned. Before the Partition Splitter Rule is run for the first time, or after the partitions on the table are changed, you need to remember to press Refresh Rules to rebuild the underlying rules for each partition.


Like Range Splitter Rules, rules in Partition Manager are not a standalone rules. They are created by converting one of these rules: Substitution, Row-internal, XML masker through Change manager tab. After conversion original rules are called the template and they can be viewed by pressing View Template Rule. You can always convert back to original rule through Undo Partition Split button.

Note that while a rule is inside a Split Partition Manager it is read-only and cannot be changed. 

The rule ID is preserved between conversions.

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