Data Masker

Data Masker for Oracle 6.1

Deprecation of UI command line

Using DataMasker.exe to automate masking sets runs has been deprecated in 6.1.1 and will be removed in the next major release of Data Masker. To automate running of masking sets use DataMaskerCmdLine.exe instead.

To aid migration, Data Masker 6.1.1 includes an additional command line flag (-G) to DataMasker.exe to generate PARFILEs suitable for DataMaskerCmdLine.exe.

November 11th 2021 - Data Masker 6.1.35


  • Fixed an issue configuring masking sets on Windows 11 systems.

November 3rd 2021 - Data Masker 6.1.34


  • Fixed bug where masking statistics were not displayed correctly.

August 13th 2021 - Data Masker 6.1.33


  • Fixed an error when importing/exporting Masking Plans using CSV.

July 2nd 2021 - Data Masker 6.1.32


  • Fixed an error when Data Masker may not start if it fails to access the DataSet directory.

June 8th 2021 - Data Masker 6.1.31


  • Fix an error when exporting the Masking Plan.

May 4th 2021 - Data Masker 6.1.30


  • Fixed a PAR file parsing issue when values contained '=' sign

April 19th 2021 - Data Masker 6.1.29


  • Fixed an issue where TIMESTAMP columns were not being identified correctly.

March 15th 2021 - Data Masker 6.1.28


  • Fixed an issue where columns named with leading/trailing spaces caused errors while masking.

February 23rd 2021 - Data Masker 6.1.27


  • There is a new DataSet for "Text, Alphanumeric (Random)" that will generate a random alphanumeric string of the specified length.


  • #3603 - Fixed an issue with not rendering nested sync managers rules when parent sync manager was updated.

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