Community Plugins and Integrations (Spring Boot)

Community Plugins and Integrations: Spring Boot

Spring Boot comes with out-of-the-box integration for Flyway.

All you need to do is add flyway-core to either your pom.xml:


Or build.gradle:

compile "org.flywaydb:flyway-core:9.22.2"

Spring Boot will then automatically autowire Flyway with its DataSource and invoke it on startup.

You can then configure a good number of Flyway properties directly from your or application.yml file. Spring Boot also lets you configure Flyway using environment variables. Just be aware that the names of these environment variables differ from Flyway's native environment variables.

Note that if you are using Spring Boot's dependency management feature, you do not need to specify a version number for Flyway. Read more on the Spring Boot documentation.

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