Flyway Enterprise

snapshot captures the schema of the database specified in flyway.url into a file.

This can be used to generate a snapshot of your database in its current state for use with check.deployedSnapshot or to take a snapshot of a build database for use with check.nextSnapshot

Configuration parameters:

Format: -key=value

Parameter Description
snapshot.filename [REQUIRED] Destination filename for the snapshot

Usage example:

flyway snapshot -url=jdbc:example:database -user=username -password=password -snapshot.filename=C:\snapshots\my_snapshot

deployedSnapshot and nextSnapshot example:

In order to generate these snapshots for use with check we first need to get a list of the applied migrations so we can accurately create the build database:

flyway info -url="jdbc://prod" -infoOfState="success,out_of_order,baseline" -migrationIds > applied_migrations.txt

Then we can apply these to our build database and take a snapshot, the deployedSnapshot:

flyway migrate -cherrypick=$(cat applied_migrations.txt) -url="jdbc://build"
flyway snapshot -snapshot.filename="deployed.snapshot" -url="jdbc://build"

Lastly, we can apply any pending migrations and then capture the nextSnapshot:

flyway migrate -url="jdbc://build"
flyway snapshot -snapshot.filename="next.snapshot" -url="jdbc://build"
Example configuration file

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