Check Command


check produces reports to increase confidence in your migrations.

You can read more about how checkworks here: Check Concept.

More specific detail about each aspect can be found here:


  • One or more flags must be present
Parameter Edition Description
check -changes Enterprise Include pending changes that will be applied to the database
check -drift Enterprise Include changes applied out of process to the database
check -dryrun Teams & Enterprise Performs a dry run, showing what changes would be applied in a real deployment
check -code All Performs code analysis on your migrations

Database Support

-changes and -drift

Change and drift reports work on the following databases:

  • SQL Server
  • PostgreSQL
  • Oracle
  • MySQL
  • SQLite
-code and -dryrun

Code analysis and Dry run reports work on any database supported by Flyway.

Check for Oracle

When using Check with an Oracle database there are additional requirements.

If no schemas are specified in the configuration flyway.schemas, then the database connection username will be used as the default schema, otherwise flyway.schemas will be used. These schema names are case-sensitive.

Check for SQL Server

If you see errors about being unable to connect to your database and you are specifying localhost as the host, then this may be due to not having pipes configured. Using instead should work.

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