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This is available in Flyway CLI only

This captures the schema of the specified database into a file for subsequent use with the Check Command.

This can be used to generate a snapshot of your database in its current state for use with check.deployedSnapshot or to take a snapshot of a build database for use with check.nextSnapshot

Configuration parameters:


Usage example:

flyway snapshot -url=jdbc:example:database -user=username -password=password -snapshot.filename=C:\snapshots\my_snapshot

deployedSnapshot and nextSnapshot example:

In order to generate these snapshots for use with check we first need to get a list of the applied migrations so we can accurately create the build database:

flyway info -url="jdbc://prod" -infoOfState="success,out_of_order,baseline" -migrationIds > applied_migrations.txt

Then we can apply these to our build database and take a snapshot, the deployedSnapshot:

flyway migrate -cherryPick=$(cat applied_migrations.txt) -url="jdbc://build"
flyway snapshot -snapshot.filename="deployed.snapshot" -url="jdbc://build"

Lastly, we can apply any pending migrations and then capture the nextSnapshot:

flyway migrate -url="jdbc://build"
flyway snapshot -snapshot.filename="next.snapshot" -url="jdbc://build"

Know limitations

  • If you don't specify the schemas to work with in your call to flyway you will get and error (Expected database schemas option (schemas) to be provided), the solution is to specify the schemas you want to be included.

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