SSMS ecosystem

SSMS ecosystem project

SSMS ecosystem project doesn't support SSMS 2016, but will continue to support older versions of SSMS.

More information

The SSMS ecosystem project aims to enhance the SQL Server Management Studio experience by enabling tighter integration of SQL Server tools. The project will make it easier for DBAs and developers to customize their SSMS environment and optmize it for their work.

For more information, see Introducing the Red Gate SSMS Ecosystem on Simple Talk.

To see what add-ins are available, visit our add-in directory.

Get started

  1. Install the framework.
  2. Visit our add-in directory and install an add-in.

Tool developers

The project should make it easier to add functionality to SSMS. We hope this will encourage people to develop and share tools. If you'd like to develop a plugin, visit our Writing an add-in page. See our FAQ for further information.

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