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The status of SQL Backup Pro on the server is displayed in the Registered SQL Servers pane in the graphical user interface. You can activate SQL Backup Pro on a server if one of the following icons is displayed to the right of the SQL Server instance name:

Image ModifiedSQL Backup Pro is activated for a trial period on this server
Image ModifiedThe SQL Backup Pro trial period has expired. To use SQL Backup Pro with this SQL Server instance, you must activate SQL Backup Pro for the server.

When you activate the product, the licensing and activation program sends an activation request to the Redgate activation server, using checksums of attributes from your computer. The checksums that are sent to the activation server do not contain any details that might pose a security risk. The activation server returns an activation response and an encrypted key to unlock the software. The licensing and activation program should activate your product within a few seconds.


If you cannot deactivate a serial number, use the Request Extra Activations page to request more activations for your serial number. You will need to provide your serial number and the reason for the additional activations. contact Redgate support.