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Version 8.4.0 - November 28th 2016


  • SB-5658: ERASE command supports NOLOG and LOG_ONERRORONLY options.
  • SB-5736: Make multiple attempts to locate backup file after backup has completed. Warning 236 will be raised if the backup file was initially not found, and error 561 will be raised if the file could not be found.
  • SB-5741: Added support for differential backups, partial backups, and file backups for availability groups, using the CHECK_PREFERRED_AG_REPLICA option.
  • Added support for Group Managed Service Accounts (The application will no longer validate usernames which end in $)
  • Streamlined new update checking interface
  • Allowed UI to have access to more memory
  • Remove signing up of Hosted Storage from the UI


  • SB-4756: {SA} OverflowException @ DataConvert.ToString(...)

  • SB-5174: Clickable reminder actions no longer throw exception in some UI states

  • SB-5275: {SA} OverflowException @ DataConvert.ToString(...)

  • SB-5313: Clickable reminder actions no longer throw exception in some UI states

  • SB-5480: Passwords do not have to be obfuscated when restoring File Groups encrypted backups

  • SB-5540: ERASEFILES_REMOTE not deleting files when using location tags in path


  • SB-5555: Command line now identifies the cluster name for default instances

  • SB-5568: Using the "-I <instance name>" parameter with the Extended Stored Procedure cannot identify cluster name or remote machine name (No longer applicable)

  • SB-5573: When you set DBCC CHKDB and CHECKSUM but only one check is carried (No longer applicable)

  • SB-5737: Deletion now handles MOVETO folders containing tags

  • SB-5751: Removed remote possible double free of Windows allocated memory

  • Disable setting of activity cache folder for non-administrators
  • Now checks that the server is connected before letting restore job wizard advance
  • Latest UI components to fix product switcher icon size mismatch
  • Update of SQLite Component, to fix problems with writing to SQLite tables

Version 8.0.3 - September 12th 2016


  • SB-4646: Improved check for SQB V6 & stopped NULL Reference exceptions
  • SB-4659: Allowed unrecognised backup formats)
  • SB-5584: Fixed ActivityHistoryGrid Resynch
  • SB-5739: {SA} TypeInitializationException @ MainForm.WndProc(…)
  • Fix Menu Font

Version 8.0.1 - August 11th 2016


  • SB-5717: Fix LOG_ONERRORONLY and LOG_ONERROR options.
  • SB-5729: Fix email address bug to support both ; and , as delimiters
  • SB-5733: Fix default lock timeout issue
  • SB-5734: Fix installer to support TLS 1.2 connections.
  • SB-5735: Fix installer when upgrading from paths that were enclosed in double quotes in the services' ImagePath property.


  • GUI Rebuilt with newer shared components
  • GUI New window appearance
  • GUI New product logo
  • GUI New product switcher - accessible from the product logo top-left
  • GUI Support for .NET4 & .NET 2
  • GUI Added Logging menu to Help menu
  • OLR Basic support for SQL Server 2008-2016
  • OLR Logging menu


  • SB-5543: Full support for SQL Backup restoring from solid state storage devices
  • SB-5619: Engine installer sets the correct permissions for Windows 2012, if the startup account is not a sysadmin
  • SB-5670: CHECKSUM is being set when using fully required on 2016
  • SB-5673: using CHECKSUM and CONTINUE_AFTER_ERROR returns a warning on SQL 2016
  • SB-5685: Improve restore process
  • SB-5689: Restore from backup history works when transaction logs are needed
  • SB-5690: Support higher BUFFERCOUNT to reduce elapsed time to complete backup
  • SB-5692: Passwords stored in scheduled backup jobs are obfuscated not encrypted
  • SB-5694: SQL Backup installer works on .NET 2 & .NET 4 frameworks
  • SB-5697: Improved support for encrypt connections to SQL Server
  • SB-5700: Improved support for restoring transaction log files where the STOPAT value matches the time the transaction log backup was started
  • SB-5701: Paths can now support UNC, VolumeIds etc
  • SB-5702: Improved support for restoring on Advanced Format hard disks where the sector/byte is NOT 512 bytes
  • SB-5703: Reports back locking app for SQL Compact data file, when the error 'Get exclusive local data store access failed' is raised.
  • SB-5719: Can now enter passwords on touch screen devices
  • SB-5723: Services' ImagePath value is now enclosed in double-quotes

  • SB-5718: Timeout error reading sysdatabases now caught by SQL Backup

  • SB-5724: Run GUI in preference under .NET 4 over .NET 2

  • SB-5728: Relax permissions check in Restore Wizard