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Version 8.









  • SB-4756: {SA} OverflowException @ DataConvert.ToString(...)

  • SB-5174: Clickable reminder actions no longer throw exception in some UI states

  • SB-5275: {SA} OverflowException @ DataConvert.ToString(...)

  • SB-5313: Clickable reminder actions no longer throw exception in some UI states

  • SB-5480: Passwords do not have to be obfuscated when restoring File Groups encrypted backups

  • SB-5540: ERASEFILES_REMOTE not deleting files when using location tags in path


  • SB-5555: Command line now identifies the cluster name for default instances

  • SB-5568: Using the "-I <instance name>" parameter with the Extended Stored Procedure cannot identify cluster name or remote machine name (No longer applicable)

  • SB-5573: When you set DBCC CHKDB and CHECKSUM but only one check is carried (No longer applicable)

  • SB-5737: Deletion now handles MOVETO folders containing tags

  • SB-5751: Removed remote possible double free of Windows allocated memory

  • Disable setting of activity cache folder for non-administrators
  • Now checks that the server is connected before letting restore job wizard advance
  • Latest UI components to fix product switcher icon size mismatch
  • Update of SQLite Component, to fix problems with writing to SQLite tables

Version 8.0.3 - September 12th 2016


  • SB-4646: Improved check for SQB V6 & stopped NULL Reference exceptions
  • SB-4659: Allowed unrecognised backup formats)
  • SB-5584: Fixed ActivityHistoryGrid Resynch
  • SB-5739: {SA} TypeInitializationException @ MainForm.WndProc(…)
  • Fix Menu Font

Version 8.0.1 - August 11th 2016


  • SB-5717: Fix LOG_ONERRORONLY and LOG_ONERROR options.
  • SB-5729: Fix email address bug to support both ; and , as delimiters
  • SB-5733: Fix default lock timeout issue
  • SB-5734: Fix installer to support TLS 1.2 connections.
  • SB-5735: Fix installer when upgrading from paths that were enclosed in double quotes in the services' ImagePath property.


  • GUI Rebuilt with newer shared components
  • GUI New window appearance
  • GUI New product logo
  • GUI New product switcher - accessible from the product logo top-left
  • GUI Support for .NET4 & .NET 2
  • GUI Added Logging menu to Help menu
  • OLR Basic support for SQL Server 2008-2016
  • OLR Logging menu


  • SB-5543: Full support for SQL Backup restoring from solid state storage devices
  • SB-5619: Engine installer sets the correct permissions for Windows 2012, if the startup account is not a sysadmin
  • SB-5670: CHECKSUM is being set when using fully required on 2016
  • SB-5673: using CHECKSUM and CONTINUE_AFTER_ERROR returns a warning on SQL 2016
  • SB-5685: Improve restore process
  • SB-5689: Restore from backup history works when transaction logs are needed
  • SB-5690: Support higher BUFFERCOUNT to reduce elapsed time to complete backup
  • SB-5692: Passwords stored in scheduled backup jobs are obfuscated not encrypted
  • SB-5694: SQL Backup installer works on .NET 2 & .NET 4 frameworks
  • SB-5697: Improved support for encrypt connections to SQL Server
  • SB-5700: Improved support for restoring transaction log files where the STOPAT value matches the time the transaction log backup was started
  • SB-5701: Paths can now support UNC, VolumeIds etc
  • SB-5702: Improved support for restoring on Advanced Format hard disks where the sector/byte is NOT 512 bytes
  • SB-5703: Reports back locking app for SQL Compact data file, when the error 'Get exclusive local data store access failed' is raised.
  • SB-5719: Can now enter passwords on touch screen devices
  • SB-5723: Services' ImagePath value is now enclosed in double-quotes

  • SB-5718: Timeout error reading sysdatabases now caught by SQL Backup

  • SB-5724: Run GUI in preference under .NET 4 over .NET 2

  • SB-5728: Relax permissions check in Restore Wizard