Configuring Okta

Add a new Redgate application

From your administrator dashboard, navigate to your Applications.

Click on 'Add Application' to begin adding a new application to use for Redgate Single Sign-on.

Click 'Create New App'

Change the 'Sign on method' to 'OpenID Connect' - leave the selected 'Platform' as 'Web'.

On the next page, give your new application a memorable name (for example, 'redgate-platform-sso') and for the 'Login redirect URIs' enter:  'https://<domain>' where <domain> is your company domain

On the next page, click 'Edit' next to 'General Settings'. Under 'Allowed grant types', tick 'Implicit (Hybrid)' and 'Allow ID Token with implicit grant type'. Leave the other options with the values populated from the previous step.

Make a note of the generated 'Client ID' highlighted in the screenshot. This is the Client ID that must be shared with Redgate when setting up your platform environment.

Click 'Save'

Finding your authority URL

While still configuring your application, click on the 'Sign On' tab.

Here you will find your Issuer URL.

Assigning users to your application

For users to be able to use your Single Sign-on, they must first be assigned to the application.

Navigate back to your applications. You should now see your new application listed.

To add users to the application, click the settings icon as show in the screenshot. In this example, we will simply allow anyone in the organization to use this application for Single Sign-on.

Choose 'Assign to Groups'

And next to 'Everyone' click 'Assign', then 'Done'.

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