.NET Reflector 8

.NET Reflector 7.5 release notes


  • Reflector automatically detects the winmd directory, and can load the contained files into the assembly list

Version 7.5.2

  • The ROB now remembers its state each time you close & re-open Visual Studio
  • Check For Updates will automatically update the Visual Studio Integration from older add-ins and packages


  • Fixed several com exceptions, mostly relating to race conditions
  • Updated the trial dialog string

February 13th, 2012 - version 7.5

  • Many string changes to make things easier to understand
  • Assorted design changes to dialogs and screens
  • Improvements to the installation experience of the package
  • Improved the speed of type by type decompilation
  • Improved handling of the case where the add-in is superseded by the package (we remove the old menu items)
  • Error reporting experience is more fine-tuned. Users have options to be notified of work-arounds and fixes
  • Hide menu items such as "enable debugging", instead of just disabling them
  • Make "enable debugging" work on all items of the tree, rather than just the top level assembly item
  • "Go to decompiled definition" more commonly enabled.
  • Setting a break point causes the necessary PDB file to be automatically generated
  • Decompiled code can now be stepped-into like any other code
  • Attempting to step into inaccessible code triggers instructions on how to debug it correctly
  • Multiple PDBs can now be generated in parallel
    • PDB generation can currently take a little time, especially if you're generating several or the assemblies are particularly large
  • The trial dialog screen has been updated to be more informative and clear
  • Re-introduced "Go to Decompiled Definition" right-click menu item
  • Improved support for 'Go to Definition'(F12) in code without source
  • A number of simple usability enhancements
  • A number of licensing and installation bug fixes
  • Added support for 'Go to Definition'(F12) in code without source
  • Improved path to decompiled code
  • Improved path to pdb generation for code you want to debug
  • Completed move to a VS Package
  • Started transition from a VS Add-in to a VS Package
  • Added support for VS11
  • Turned on SmartAssembly feature usage reporting on by default for all EA builds
  • Added loaded project references to the Reflector Object Browser (ROB)
  • Double click on any type in the 'ROB' to decompile in a new VS editor pane
  • Added a Reflector 'Go to Definition' context menu item to navigate through code without source
  • Added a new 'Reflector Object Browser'(ROB) into Visual Studio (will eventually offer decompilation by type inside VS)
  • Changed the way Reflector shows the version number to display the correct build number
  • Bug fixes:
    • "Open in Reflector" context menu not working.
    • XAML Source Code is incorrectly delimited.
    • Missing end tag in XAML Translation.
    • Code generation for different versions of the same assembly
    • 'Flatten Namespaces' dialog
    • Various decompilation and assembly-loading problems have been fixed – drop us a note if you'd like to know more.

Note: This is not an exhaustive list. This has been compiled from blog and forum posts, but will much more representative from V7.5 onwards.

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