.NET Reflector 8

.NET Reflector 7.7 release notes

October 12th, 2012

  • Collapse All Assemblies powercommand has now moved to file menu
  • Collapse All Assemblies powercommand now has updated icon
  • Collapse Assembly option added to assembly root node context menu
  • Copy As powercommand moved to context menu
  • Import/Export Assembly list powercommand moved to file menu
  • Open file location moved to to assembly root node context menu
  • Open with Powercommand added to context menu
  • Open Zip by dragging zip into Reflector
  • Referenced by Powercommand added to analyzer
  • Removed older non-functional powercommands
  • Archived less commonly used powercommands into powercommands addin
  • Re-ordered Reflector context menu
  • Added new icons for bookmark/remove bookmark
  • Refresh icons in Visual Studio Extension
  • Reflector intercept of f12 functionality in visual studio is now togglable.

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