.NET Reflector 8

.NET Reflector 8.3 release notes

.NET Reflector 8.3.3 - 20th January, 2014


  • RP-3550 – Fixed several issues to do with debugging, including performance issue when stepping
  • Reflector no longer offers to enable debugging for reference assemblies 

.NET Reflector 8.3.0 - December 10th, 2013


  • Analyzer pane available in the Visual Studio add-in


  • RP-2619 - Issue with decompiling mscorlib on Windows 8.1 no longer occurs
  • RP-3514 - Go To Member now only appears on appropriate items

Known issue

  • On Vista x86, the installer may crash on the final step of installation. Reflector will still be fully installed, despite the crash.

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