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HyperBac 4 release notes

Users will need to perform a reboot after uninstalling previous versions.
No reboots are necessary on a system that did not previously have HyperBac installed.

Version 4.3 

New feature

  • Release of SQL Server Virtual Restore Wizard, allowing users to mount a live database direct from backup files.


  • Resolution for issues occurring on systems with limited available memory.

Version 4.2


  • Embedded support included for Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services backups.


  • Resolution for performance issues on certain IA64 systems. 
  • Resolution for issues pertaining to HyperBac service stopping under specific conditions.

Version 4.1 


  • OLEDB object level recovery provider support for detached data files.


  • Resolution for service hanging under specific conditions.
  • Resolution for issues pertaining to DEFLATE compatible format backup operations on affected systems.
  • Extended system support for OLEDB object level recovery provider.

Version 4.0

New features

  • Supports full random I/O (HyperBac Online).

  • Unlimited open file handles to HyperBac files. 
  • Support for multiple database schemas in the Backup Explorer object recovery OLEDB provider.
  • New format option to enable dynamic index creation for object level recovery during a SQL Server backup operation.
  • Enhancements to HyperBac Configuration Manager.
  • Improved logging and debug capabilities.


  • Resolution for service stopping intermittently due to erroneous HeartbeatTimeout condition.
  • Resolution for driver load order conflicts under certain circumstances.

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