SmartAssembly 8

Feature usage reporting with the SDK

The information on this page applies to SmartAssembly Professional only.

The SDK allows you to extend feature usage reporting. For example, you can use the SDK to customize the feature usage reporting consent dialog box, as described below.

You can also use a transport protocol other than HTTP for the feature reports, or save an encrypted report to disk, or use T-SQL to fetch reports from the server. 

To customize the feature usage reporting consent dialog box

Follow the steps below to create and enable a customized consent dialog box:

  1. Use the sample code at to create your custom dialog box in Visual Studio.

  2. Build the custom dialog box as a DLL.
  3. In SmartAssembly, in the Project Settings, either scroll to the Feature Usage Reporting feature settings pane or, on the toolbar, click the Feature Usage Reporting icon.
  4. Select I want my application to report how it is used.
  5. Select Custom Template.
  6. Click Browse for a Template and then select the DLL that you created.
  7. If error reporting is not enabled, complete the Application name, Company name and Project name.

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