SQL Compare 15

Turning on Frequent Updates

This page covers several Redgate tools. The screenshots below might not match your product.

For some Redgate tools, if you want to get updates more often, you can turn on Frequent Updates. We recommend Frequent Updates if you want to:

  • get new features, performance improvements and bug fixes as soon as they're available
  • give feedback on new features and help improve Redgate tools

Installing an update is always optional.

Compatible tools

You can get Frequent Updates for:

  • SQL Compare
  • SQL Data Compare
  • SQL Source Control
  • .NET Reflector
  • ANTS Performance Profiler
  • ANTS Memory Profiler
  • SmartAssembly

Turning on Frequent Updates

  1. Under the Help menu, select Configure frequent updates.
  2. The Configure visible updates dialog opens:
  3. In the dialog box, select the Show Frequent Update releases in Check for Updates checkbox and click OK.

If there are Frequent Update releases available, they're listed in the Check for Updates notification bar. To install a Frequent Update release, click Install.

Turning off Frequent Updates

To turn off Frequent Updates, open the Configure visible updates dialog (as in step 1 above) and clear the Show Frequent Update releases in Check for Updates checkbox. You'll no longer see Frequent Update releases in Check for Updates.

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