SQL Compare 10

Creating a new database

When you're setting data sources, SQL Compare can create a new database which you can then select to compare. This can be useful if you want to create a copy of the source database.

To create a new database in SQL Compare:

  1. On the Project Configuration dialog box, select Database as a data source.
  2. Specify connection details for the server you want to create the database on.
  3. In the Database box, select Create Database:

    The New Database dialog box is displayed:

  4. Specify a name, default collation, and database files for the new database.

    By default, SQL Compare adds the same database files from the source database to the new database.

  5. Click Create Now.
  • A primary data file and transaction log file are required when creating a database; you can't remove them.
  • If you are creating a database on SQL Azure, you can't add database files or change the collation.

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