SQL Compare 11

SQL Compare 10.0 release notes

Version 10.0 - December 15th, 2011

New features

  • Rerunnable scripts - options to add existence checks and DROP/CREATE
  • Recently used servers – SQL Compare now remembers the last five connections
  • Different tables and columns can be mapped, which means renames will no longer be regarded as DROP/CREATE
  • Transaction Isolation Level can be specified as an application option
  • New create database functionality from the Project Configuration dialog box, so you can quickly create test databases in SQL Compare
  • Filters applied to SQL Source Control databases are now picked up by SQL Compare, and applied in the comparison
  • You can now connect to SQL Server 2012 (Denali) servers
  • New command line switches

For full details, see What's new in SQL Compare 10?


  • SC-5244 (OPTION OPTIMIZE not recognized by the parser)
  • SC-3996 (Disabled triggers now detected)
  • SC-5056 (Database level extended properties behave strangely)
  • SC-4930 (Compare always tries to enable change tracking even if already enabled (thus the script fails))
  • SC-4938 (/Exclude:Additional ignored when deploying from the scripts folder)
  • SC-4958 (Command line include/exclude options not working)
  • SC-5089 (Foreign keys not scripted when /scriptfile is used from command line (db -> empty script folder)
  • SC-4552 (Support: CL behaves differently to UI: with /argfile switch)
  • SC-5014 (Table level compression not handled well when script isn't ours – and when it is, there is an 'invisible difference')
  • SC-5113 (Comparison reporting identical where SQL differences view highlight a difference (DATA_COMPRESSION = PAGE)
  • SC-4772 (SQL Compare not listing dependencies on Stored Procedure)
  • SC-5141 (Create snapshot function unavailable if starting Compare from SSIP)
  • SC-4937 (Script error changing partition ranges)
  • SC-4031 (Snapshot creation date on command line)
  • SC-4974 (Commandline doesn't expose script folder creation options)
  • SC-5292 (Make it easier to debug the commandline)
  • SC-5310 (XML INDEX and PRIMARY XML INDEX on same column cause drop/recreate)
  • SC-5243 (/Makescripts fail on case sensitive servers)
  • SC-4706 (File format issue with Generate Comparison Results Report)
  • SC-4980 (Partition function can be incorrectly read by script reader)
  • SC-4633 (Identically-named partition index works in live database but not script reader)
  • SC-5309 (Not creating a function in a deployment script)
  • SC-5328 (Change tracking re-enabled in alter statement unnecessarily)
  • SC-4487 (Circular dependency issue: Table and Table function)
  • SC-5242 (Next button does nothing during deployment)
  • SC-4674 (Warning for any dropped column)

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